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Quick Details

Adult ages 16+
Child ages 8 - 15

Our Zip Wire is over a 100m long and starts 20m up a tree

Just climbing the tree is an exhilarating achievement, but then you have to step off! After taking that leap of faith, you will feel the wind rush your face as you fly over the Nant Callan valley to the other side. A gentle landing on the opposite valley slope will bring you back to the world of gravity.

Essentially the practice of Zipping is travelling from one place down a super strong wire to another place. It is fantastic fun as well as a great workout! Clinging to the top of our trees can be a nerve-wracking experience for some but the thrills and spectacular views make it all worthwhile. Don’t forget that reaching the top is only the start… you then have to take that leap of faith!

Today modern equipment has made sliding down zip wires more accessible than ever, ensuring that everyone can come and have a go and experience just how much fun it is. Safety is our number one priority and every bit of equipment gets triple checked.