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Quick Details

Half Day 3 hours

Hire a Canoe in Wales or combine it with a Zip Adventure

Canoe Hire

Canoe hire takes place on the Pontsticill Reservoir. We hire out 2 person and 3 person canoes. Canoeing is a great activity for whatever mood you are in, whether you are looking for an action packed adventure down on white water or a peaceful trip on the local Pontsticill Reservoir. In our open canoes you can work in pairs or in small groups of three to get the canoe moving in the direction you wish, a great team-building activity! Open canoes are great for exploring the local area.

Canoe hire lasts about 2 hours and starts with us kitting you up with your equipment, a safety brief and then time for you to explore with the canoes.
Canoe hire can be done with younger customers but we do always ask that every child is accompanied by a responsible adult.

Canoe hire is only permitted to take place on the Pontsticill Reservoir.  Canoe’s cannot be transported to any other area.

Canoe Hire and Zip Special

Combine your Canoe Hire with our thrilling zip adventure. Our Zip Wire is over a 100m long and starts 20m up a tree. Just climbing the tree is an exhilarating achievement, but then you have to step off! After taking that leap of faith, you will feel the wind rush your face as you fly over the Nant Callan valley to the other side. A gentle landing on the opposite valley slope will bring you back to the world of gravity.

Is it ok if you cannot swim? Yes, let your instructor know and they will give you some advice and equipment to keep you afloat.

Call to book: 0044 1685 848309